Cyclone Debbie sunsets

Cyclone Debbie sunsets

Cyclone Debbie sunsets

Cyclones can bring destruction and an array of emotions to those in it’s path and the families of those affected by it.  It’s important that North Queensland communities are prepared and ready – there is never a time to get complacent.   Social media, radio and TV news has been inundated with tracking updates of Cyclone Debbie as the Bureau of Meteorology has been releasing updates every hour keeping as many people informed as possible. To see the latest tracking map and advice from the Bureau click here.

Leave it to the North Queenslanders to find a silver lining though - we have also seen an array of sunsets that North Queenslanders are sharing via social media! Purple, pink, orange and yellow - just stunning! Share your sunsets with us by using #thisistownsville 

Source of heading image: Peter Orbst - Facebook

Monisse - Facebook

Source - Monisse Facebook 

Meleda Blake - Facebook

Source: Meleda Blake Facebook 

Megan Kerr - Facebook

Source - Megan Kerr Facebook


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