Decision To Continue Kerbside Collection In 2019 Has Townsville Torn

No one is on the fence for this!

Decision To Continue Kerbside Collection In 2019 Has Townsville Torn

Townsville City Council have announced that after it's introductory in 2018, that kerbside hard rubbish collection will be back in 2019. 

Since it's introduction earlier this year, 40% of Townsville households used the service, and on average they got rid of 100kg of rubbish. 

Opinions flooded social media across the year as the collection rolled out across Townsville suburbs, and now we're hearing your thoughts on the decision to continue the service next year.  


"It made the city look ugly for a while there. Why not vouchers for the dump? That’s where it goes anyway."

"Bring back the vouchers, atleast that way the streets stay clean. How embarrassing..." 

"Bad idea people throw out good stuff that can be recycled elsewhere."

"Much rather the vouchers. Townsville looks like a dump with all the rubbish out the front."  

"Think it's a great idea as real estates don't always give out dump vouchers and for those who don't have transport for one reason or another or have a small car with no tow bar it's helps us out so yes bring it back." 

"Great idea. Esp for those who cant drive or don't have access to a ute or a trailer. Nsw do it twice a year. Same as NT . It's not that messy tbh. And it's a much better way to get I'd of rubbish. If you think logically instead of all that rubbish sitting in people's houses. Potential maybe fire hazard or hazzardas in cyclone. Its cleaned up. Removed with out any drama."

"Love it. Shouldn't assume it's gonna be as messy as the first ever year. Only drama I reckon was how long it took."

"Definitely,with less restrictions on the amount & type of rubbish also."

It's planned that the time frame of the project execution in 2019 will be reduced to 26 weeks, and the number of zones will also be reduced from 25 to less than half the current 25 – potentially aligned with suburb boundaries and postcodes.   

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