Fans Rejoice- Cayla's Coming Home!

WNBL Champion's big signing...

Fans Rejoice- Cayla's Coming Home!

Image: Instagram Cayla George 

Basketball fans are rejoicing with the news that a Fire favourite has signed for the 2017/18 season. 

It's been announced that Cayla George has signed with the 2-time WNBL Champions, and fans couldn't be happier! 

Congratulatory messages have flooded the JCU Townsville Fire Facebook page since the news become public. 

"Great news! Go fire!"- Dean Gartrell

"Woohoo - wonderful news!"- John Fowler

"Fantastic news. Welcome home Cayla."- Gail Giudice

Congratulations Cayla, we can't wait to see you and your braid back on the court!