Father's Day Fun

Top Ideas for D-Day

Townsville, it’s Father's Day this Sunday! We know you’ve got your presents sorted, but why not treat your fatherly goofball to an experience this year. And no, we don’t mean surprising him with a  facebook post about being the #BestDadEver.

No matter what your Dads’ style, here are some simple ideas so you guys have a tops day!

The Active Dad

Exercise gives you endorphins, Endorphins make you Happy. And Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. – Elle Woods.

If your Dad loves to slap on the active wear and pump a solid 180 BPM on the weekends, then on this day, you should get involved too.

Studies have proven that men bond more through shared activities than through actual communication, so being with him for a walk or hike will mean a lot.

Better yet, book him in for an early morning event. Castle Hill at sunset is spectacular. It’ll hurt getting out of bed, but it’ll set you up for a great day and will be something he’ll really remember.


The Lazy Dad

Everyone loves some much needed RnR, but all too often it’s Mums who soak up the spa baths on celebratory occasions. Help your dad relax, with a good old fashioned breakfast in bed, Dad style.

Crispy Bacon, Sausages, Eggs, Mushrooms, Avo. Go to town.

You could always head to Ottos for some gourmet smoked meats and sourdough to really add to the occasion.


The Artsy Dad

Grab your cameras and get outdoors. If your Dad’s a budding photographer with an Attenborough eye for nature, this Sunday is the perfect opportunity to team up and get snapping.

Jump on a ferry to Maggie Island or cruise out to Alligator Creek (just 20 mins from the city) for some majestic nature, and the chance to spot some native wildlife.




pic- awkwardfamilyphotos.com