How well do you know John Asiata?

Can you ace this quiz?!

How well do you know John Asiata?

John Asiata. What do we know about this awesome North Queensland Cowboy?

He’s a youngin’ at just 24 years of age.

He’s a proud Dad - his daughter Eleana Sarai Asiata is a month old as of yesterday!

He’s an all-round nice guy…. But we needed to know more!

Luckily we got the chance to sit down with John this week before he headed off to the NRL Grand Final to take on the Storm on Sunday night.

We got to ask him some 'personal' questions but unfortunately we got the answers all WRONG!

  • What is my favourite ice cream? 
    ‘Chocolate’  WRONG


  • What style of music do I like?
    ‘Hip hop’  WRONG


  • Which other Cowboys player do I look up to the most?
    ‘Gavin Cooper’ – WRONG


  • Am I a BBQ or tomato sauce type of person?
    ‘Tomato’ – WRONG


  • Do I scrunch or fold my toilet paper?
    ‘Fold’ – WRONG

 How did you go?

The answers are

Almond Magnum, Gospel, Jason Taumalolo & Antonio Winterstein, BBQ, scrunch