Rainy Day Flicks

Our picks for this weekend

Townsville is getting a blasting from Mother Nature right now. It’s the perfect weather for cuddling up and watching some movies, so here are our top 3 pics that have just hit the screens.



Thor- Ragnarok

The superhero universe has been spitting out hits and misses lately, and we’re so glad to say that this one’s a hit, and it lands right in the funny bone.

Directed by New Zealands comedy god Taika Waititi (also known for Boy & Hunt for the Wilder People), NME is calling this the funniest super hero movie in Marvel history.

Plus there are a bunch of Aussie/NZ references that we’ll get over the Americans, like, all the space ships are named after Holden’s. Thor’s is called “The Commodore”.

What a legend.



 Blade Runner 2049

This movie is a retro sequel to the original sci-fi masterpiece of the 80’s.

It’s been lorded as a visual milestone in cinema, with a wicked cast of Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford and Jared Leto. If you’re up for some futuristic stunning shoot em ups head to this one for sure.

Film Ink magazine gave this a full 5 stars, but with a run time of 2 and a half hours, make sure you set aside the full afternoon.



Happy Death Day

I know what you did last summer, meets Ground Hog Day.

This one is your classic slash em up horror, with the most irresistible twist we’ve seen since Maccas started putting nerds in Mcflurries. Rotten Tomatoes sits it at 65%, which is fair, but doesn’t take into account the sheer cheap thrilliness this little scare sesh delivers. If you want Oscar noms, it’s not for you, but for a fun Friday night, check it out.