See The RSPCA Animals That Want To Be Yours

Find your new best mate

See The RSPCA Animals That Want To Be Yours

Demon, Chris, and Tizz are ready for loving homes

Have you been thinking of adding a furry addition to your household?

With temps cooling down, a cuddle buddy or walking friend is what you need to warm you up! 

Here's our RSPCA Pets of the Week...

Demon (3 yo male Shar Pei X)

Demon...Danny... call me any name you like. The important thing is that I'm Mr Fun walking on four legs. I'm active, energetic and playful so walks, games and outings will suit me perfectly. I'm also into affection - pats, cuddles and being nursed. Seriously, if you invite me onto your lap you'll score a gorgeous armful. I'd prefer a home with older children and someone who understands dogs. I'll also flourish with company a good part of the time. If you've got the time and love to give to a ruggedly-handsome, active boy who offers the perfect blend of fun and love, come and meet me.

Chris (1 yo male tabby DSH)

Hi I'm Chris and I'm oh so lovely and looking for my forever home! I can be a bit shy at first, but that only makes me that much more interesting. I love a good scratch behind the ears and get along really well with other cats. 

Tizz (3 yo female Kelpie X)

I'm an active girl who'll enjoy walks, playing fetch, outings and fun activities in a large yard. Indoors it's all about cuddles and relaxation. You've heard the words "It's all about you". It's true because you will be the centre of my universe. I'm not very interested in children or other dogs because I just want to devote my life to making you happy. I'm looking for a mature family with the dog experience to appreciate just how much I have to offer.​

If you think any of these animals are right for you, or want to see more- contact the Townsville RSPCA today!

Address: 69 Tompkins Rd, Shaw QLD 4818