Come to Townsville

Senator pushes to stop '2 Australias'

Come to Townsville

Senator Ian Macdonald claims there will continue to be 'two Australias' unless top level jobs are moved out of the capital cities.

The Townsville based politician said senior public servants, as well as industry and business leaders, need to be based in the regional areas, including Townsville.

He's made the comments to Treasury Secretary John Fraser in Estimates yesterday.


“The Treasury Secretary himself said it is vital that Treasury, and government more broadly, make an effort to engage widely with different industries and regions to understand how they see the economy moving,” Senator Macdonald said. 

“As the Treasury Secretary commented, Australia is a very diverse country, with different factors impacting on different parts of the country, and there needs to be a greater focus on taking advantage of the obvious benefits in relocating staff to the regions".