STAY UP TO DATE: 9News Headlines Jan 29

Tune into 9News North Queensland

STAY UP TO DATE: 9News Headlines Jan 29
Townsville journalists Philip Calder, Roanne Boldery, and Tom Fowles will bring you the latest in local happenings each weeknight from 6pm on Channel Nine.

Here's what they have for us this evening...

  • Mount Louisa residents escape a house fire.... as investigators work to pinpoint what caused another blaze at a Railway Estate business.
  • The 24-year-old Kelso man taken down in a citizens' arrest appears in court.
  • A P-plater charged with causing the death of a retired priest.
  • And cricketing excellence at Charters Towers - all the colour of the Goldfield Ashes.
  • Forget Grammys - why PUPPIES were handed out at the awards show.

That's Nine News North Queensland from six.