Taser Disguised As Dodgy iPhone In Cranbrook

The cops couldn't be fooled...

Taser Disguised As Dodgy iPhone In Cranbrook

Two Police Officers couldn't be fooled when searching a car on Thursday morning.

A modified iPhone found in the back seat of a car in Cranbrook turned out to be a taser.

Detectives say there were some telltale signs.

"The iPhone 5 was a lot lighter in weight than normal, there was a button where the charger usually goes and a couple of metal connectors were located on top of the phone," said Acting Senior Sergeant Brad Lemmon.

A 52-year-old Cranbrook man will face the Townsville Magistrates Court later in the month on weapons charges.

It's not the first concealed taser that Police have found.

"There has been a few floating around," said Act Snr Sgt Lemmon.

"Unfortunately the man wasn't going into great detail about how he came about the device, however stated that the prior use for it was for dogs."