The 10 Million Dollar Man

Congrats Jason!

The 10 Million Dollar Man

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Cowboys superstar Jason Taumalolo has signed a record-breaking $10 million dollar NRL contract that will keep the star in Townsville for the next 10 years.

Just say that amount to yourself again. Ten… Million…. Dollars.

Amazing stuff.

The reigning Dally M medallist looked extremely chuffed as the announcement was officiated this morning.

He must be planning the fun things he’ll do with his bigger bank account.

Surely he’d pay for his very own ‘J. Taumalolo Cowboys’ branded blimp.


He might decide to hire out Maggie Island as a whole and throw his own version of the Full Moon party – the Full Moo-Lolo Party.



Or look into getting a flying fox installed at the top of Castle Hill with the end destination being his backyard?


He might even go straight to The Ville and put it all on black?



Whatever he does, we’re just happy to have the man in Townsville for the next decade.

Well done Jason!