The Amazing Story Behind Taumalolo's Golden Grin

What an amazing tradition

The Amazing Story Behind Taumalolo's Golden Grin Getty Images

Jason Taumalolo has the biggest grin in the Cowboys camp and now we're finding out it's probably the most sentimental as well. 

Taumalolo fans will know that his two front teeth actually have a golden shine to them- yep he has gold in his teeth and we've found out there's an amazing reason why. 

It's not just 'for looks', it's a tradition. 

The NRL star told Fox League on Wednesday night that the gold in his teeth is actually his parent's wedding rings! 

"It's a tradition that Tongans have done for a while now, and that's to have mum and dad's wedding rings in their teeth," explained JT. 

"There's a few other NRL players running around with big golden smiles."

The 24-year-old got his teeth done in Tonga when he was just 12. 

"It's something special to me, that has that bond between me and my parents forever."