The Strand Ephemera Art Piece That Has A Twin

Yes, there's 2 of them!!

The Strand Ephemera Art Piece That Has A Twin

Image: Instagram @incandescentcloud

Thousands of us have snapped a pic of the famous 'cloud' at the Strand over the last couple weeks. 

The 6000+ bulbed creation was one of the many pieces that made up the 10 day festival, Strand Ephemera. 

Ready for the really exciting news...there's 2 of them! 

As we write this, the popular cloud has twin that is chilling out in Canada. 

If you're heading OS, be sure to see it at the National Arts Centre until October 31 in Ottawa.

The creators, Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett from Canada work to combine divergent aesthetic and industrial backgrounds, often resulting in transformative public sculptures and installations that are interactive. 

Their creative minds have been collaborating since 2011 and we're so glad they have, and feel very lucky to have had their work feature on our beautiful Strand.