The Strand Has Changed A LOT- See The Pics!


The Strand Has Changed A LOT- See The Pics!

It's safe to say the Strand is always a hive of activity...we love a Sunday stroll complete with a Juliette's ice cream, or walking the pooch of an afternoon. 

But can you remember what the good vibe hot spot looked like many moons ago?

We've dug up the pics and can't believe our eyes! This is our favourite #ThrowbackThursday yet- enjoy! 

The old hospital has been turned in to apartments now, but check it out back in the day!                
Image: Queensland Places

During the 1940's the Strand looked far sleepier than it is today                                  
Image: Oz at War

In the 1980's the beachside community was full of classic Queenslander homes 
Image: QldPics

From the days when the Pacific Festival took off, here's the Strand full of onlookers and amazing old school cars
Image: Queensland Places

So was a Shark Proof net on the Strand in 1956- no thanks! 
Image: Bonzle Featured Pictures

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