Theft Stats Are In And The Cops Are Happy

There's a difference from 2016

Theft Stats Are In And The Cops Are Happy

Thefts have become a hot talk topic around town in the last 18 months, but stats are starting to turn around. 

A 28% reduction in the number of car and property thefts is music to the ears of Townsville police. 

Reports say 91 people have been charged in the first quarter of the year, which is a drop from 2016. 

Superintendent Kelly Harvey says she's happy residents are trying harder to keep their valuables safe.

"It's very pleasing, it was concerning the number of cars that were being stolen last year, and the manner in which the offenders were driving the vehicles," said Superintendent Kelly Harvey.

"It did concern the community, we are here to look after the community as best as we can."

To keep the stats reducing, remember to lock up your car and property each day.