This Why You'll See White Ribbons In Townsville On Saturday

Thoughts are with those affected

This Saturday be prepared to see White Ribbons out in full force, as the annual international Domestic Violence Awareness day commemorates its 26th event.

We often think of Australia as the lucky country, but we still have a long way to go when it comes to DV. There’s an array of statistics, but the most shocking is that last year, 71 Australian women were tragically killed, by their own partners.

We spoke to Pauline Woodbridge, from the North Queensland Domestic Violence Resource Service:

“Politics, policies, everything’s been aimed towards providing safety for victims of Domestic Violence, and that’s a really important aspect, but what’s tended to happen is we’ve left out holding the perpetrators of the violence accountable. and so the White Ribbon campaign is very much about raising the issue, that Men, have got a role to stop other Men from using violence in their family relationships. We’ve all got a responsibility to step forward and to stop it.”

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