Townsville Movie Go-ers Left Stunned By RAOK

This is beautiful!

Townsville Movie Go-ers Left Stunned By RAOK Facebook Event Cinemas Townsville City

Staff at Event Cinemas on Sturt Street received the best surprise on Sunday morning. 

Upon opening the cinema, they spotted an envelope under the door. 

Inside they were surprised to find $350 and a note. 

'Your entry today has been paid for by a random act of kindness. I have no connection with the cinema and just passing through Townsville. Hope you enjoy your movie and share the love.' 

Around 30 locals enjoyed a free movie thanks to the random act of kindness. 

"I was one of the 30 people who benefited. I hope all of us are able to pay it forward and offer random acts of kindness to others. Thank you to the generous person who provided this random act of kindness."- Jenny Kelly 

"The first 30 people today would most likely be families going to kids movies so what a pleasant surprise they will have."- Paula Edwards