Townsville’s X-Mas Facelift

Basic Blitz crews hit the streets

Get ready to spot extra council workers buzzing about as of this week, because Townsville’s getting a facelift, and just in time for Christmas.

The Basic Blitz crews are gonna be in action seven days a week, cleaning up suburbs, fixing footpaths, gutters, removing graffiti, mowing, weeding and way more.

Mayor Jenny Hill has said that we’ve taken a bit of a beating dealing with one of Townsville’s driest periods, and the 2 million dollar clean up will help make the town look and feel better for the festive season.

“We have been through one of our driest patches in a long while, and that has clearly affected the look of the town and the mood of everybody living here” said Cr Hill.

“The $2 million we’re investing in this Basics Blitz will help give the community a welcome lift after a couple of tough years”.

If you want to let the council know about an area that needs their help, you can call 1300 878 001.