What JT Is Really Doing While He's Injured

You might be surprised...

What JT Is Really Doing While He's Injured

On Saturday night hearts broke as Johnathan Thurston hobbled off the paddock at 1300SMILES Stadium. 

The co-captain of the Cowboys has sustained a calf injury, so what will he be up to until he's on the field again? Resting up on the couch? Catching up on some light reading?

We have some ideas...

1. Filling out his Prime Minister application 

2. Googling how he can get his hair chemically straightened 

3. Practicing his best laugh

4. Learning the latest Wiggles moves so he can take Frankie, Charlie & Lillie on June 25 to their Townsville show

And lastly the one we 99.9% sure about...

5. Polishing his 'King of the North' throne 

Rest up JT, we can't wait to see back on the field soon!