What's The Good Word?

Call Me 'Huxley'

What's The Good Word?

Picture Credit (Huxley Press Instagram)

Keep your eye out for Townsville’s latest street rag ‘Huxley’.

The very first issue dropped this week and it’s packed full of music, theatre, art and genuinely cool happenings around town.

When asked about starting the free street press, Editor in Chief Sarah Mathiesen told us;

‘There was a little bit of blood sweat and tears, but honestly it didn’t feel like hard work, because every artist that we spoke to would tell us about ten other people doing ten other amazing things, so it kind of took on a life of its own as it went along and we just sort of followed the wave’.

As you flick through it you realise just how many talented people are located in Townsville and its surrounds.




With many events to support, many amazing things to view and many pages to enjoy – I can hear you screaming “How do I get one?!”

Well you can grab your free ‘Huxley’ street press here at 102.3 4TO FM and other various locations around town.