Massive Turnout In Dunsborough Rally

Residents against petrol station

Massive Turnout In Dunsborough Rally

Between 750 and 1000 community members in Dunsborough rallied over the weekend in opposition to the development of a third petrol station in its town centre.

The development is proposed by a consortium known as DCSC and Puma Energy, and despite being knocked back twice by planning authorities because it would fragment the town centre, they will go back to the State Administrative Tribunal on 1 February seeking approval again, but this time in the guise of a 24-hour Convenience Store - which features a six-bay Puma Petrol Station, on Dunsborough’s main street – Dunn Bay Road.

The numbers turning out in force over the weekend represented approximately one quarter of the population, sending a clear message to the land owner and Puma regarding their chosen location. 

Puma2Go representative Christian Fletcher said the rally was about seeing who in the community would get behind the issue, and the response was overwhelming.

“We thought we’d have a public rally and gauge the level of interest and it has gone way beyond what we expected,” he said.

“Everyone came together and it presented a clear message to DCSC and to Puma that theirs is not a popular decision, that this will not be good for the town and it will not be good for them.

“So we’re happy to work with them to work to make sure that everyone’s happy. There is a way around it and we’re looking at all sorts of avenues including the community purchasing the land. We want Puma to have a petrol station in the industrial area – not in the middle of town.”