Swimmers At Risk Of A Shark Attack In Yallingup

Local fishermen have been slammed

Swimmers At Risk Of A Shark Attack In Yallingup

Locals of Yallingup are up in arms over a group of fishermen in the area. 

These fishermen are in hot water after they bled a 10-tonne catch of salmon on Smith Beach which attracted a number of Sharks.

Smith Beach is a popular swimming spot in Yallingup and the number of sharks raised concerns for beach goers but the Department of Fisheries says more sharks in the area is a natural occurrence due to the increases number of Salmon. 

Still, this action caused a shark frenzy on the shoreline, shocking locals oblivious to the fishing activity. Some swimmers were even in the water at the time. 

Should the Department of Fisheries be responsible in keeping people out of the water? Or at the very least install signs on the beach warning people about the increased risk of sharks?

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