'Go Back To Where You Came From.'

One Man's Journey To An Open Mind.

'Go Back To Where You Came From.'

Have you ever said that refugees don't belong in Australia? Is your opinion that African refugees living in Australia should just 'go back to where they came from?' Gold FM's Spida Everitt is a tough man, an AFL football legend with little tolerance for any refugees who come to Australia and act up, and he has publicly described Australia's refugee policy as 'too lenient.'

It was these strong views that led to Spida being invited to an unknown country with SBS to broadcast the whole experience LIVE. He knew very little before leaving, only that it would be a remote and dangerous location. Spida was thrust into Sudan where civil war, violence, poverty, drought and tribal wars have displaced over 3 million people, many of which seek asylum in countries like Australia. While in Africa, Spida spoke to families about their hardships, helped with a food aid drop, heard stories of rape and violence, entertained the local children and sweated...a lot!

Although Spida was briefed on what to do in the event of a kidnapping or bomb, he made it back in one piece and sat down with AJ and Bridge to divulge the story of what went down in Sudan, and how it has heavily impacted his views on refugees in Australia. The story is broken down into a three part series and is truly eye-opening.

Check out these incredible photos from Spida's journey!