Pumpkin Island Crowned World's Most Sustainable Hotel

CQ represent!

Pumpkin Island Crowned World's Most Sustainable Hotel Queensland.com

CQ is home to the World's Most Sustainable Hotel right here on Pumpkin Island! 

The award was presented at the Boutique Hotel Awards 2018 in London, which recognises excellence among luxury boutique hotels. Pumpkin Island was 1 of 300 nominees from over 80 countries, each selected by a member of the Nomination Committee comprised of 70 travel experts. 

On this morning's show, CEO of Capricorn Enterprise Mary Carroll explained the significance of the award, and what's so special about Pumpkin Island.

They're judged on dining and entertainment, design, facilities, location, and staff service... But also the overall emotional impact.

- Mary Caroll

Mary also revealed the surprising way the judges recorded their evaluations... Find out below! 

Pumpkin Island owners Wayne and Laureth Rumble released the following statement:

We are delighted and excited to have won this award. It's great that we have been recognised for our hard work and commitment to the environment.  We have a wonderful team that help us strive for excellence and gives our guests the best possible experience.

- Wayne and Laureth Rumble

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