Bodge Has Fired Up Over Claims The Channel 9 Ashes Commentary Line-Up Is "Male, Pale And Stale"

"Judge on their commentary, not gender"

Bodge Has Fired Up Over Claims The Channel 9 Ashes Commentary Line-Up Is "Male, Pale And Stale" Channel 9 are copping the "Male, Pale and Stale" tag. Source:Twitter

I'm pretty sure I have to state that this is an opinion piece, just in case it was going to offend someone. Everything seems to offend someone these days. Be prepared for some strong 'BODGE' views.


Channel Nine have copped it for sporting an all white, all male line-up. It's been a pretty scathing attack, particularly on Twitter, with many "notable people" having their say about how sexist and noninclusive this move is. You can always tell who is a big deal on social media, they have that silly blue tick next to their name.

Thing is, if it was a criticism of the commentary itself and how boring it can get or how irritating Michael Clarke actually does sound, that'd be totally understandable. In fact, I'd be right there with the critics. However, reducing it to issues with the gender and race of the presenters is indefensible.

I have to say, I actually have enjoyed watching the ladies team play in recent years. The men's performance has been average at best and they have some serious work t do to regain their mojo. All this being said, You can't knock a line-up for being too male, and you CERTAINLY can't knock it for being "pale" - have you seen Warnie?? The guy is as brown as he can get!

Have a gander at some of these comments:


I don't feel it's speaking out too much by saying that as boring as the commentary can often be, it's not right to change a line-up for the sole purpose of having other genders or people of colour. You only have to look at what happened to Channel 9 when they axed the NRL Footy Show and announced they'd be doing a new sports show with (at present) only Erin Molan. The outcry was pretty severe by the fans. 

Again, I must say that this is an opinion piece. It's not a dig at women or equality in the slightest. The sad part is that I have to reaffirm that after having an opinion of my own. Judge them on their commentary of the game, not their gender. All this being said, there are some amazing cricketers in the Ladies team. Ellyse Perry is an absolute gun and would probably outscore and out-bowl any bloke in the men's. 

On a completely unrelated topic, we'll be covering the Ashes ourselves on Triple M and I'm not in the call team line-up. Not because I don't know enough about the game, but because I don't have a long standing history with the game. 

And that's fine.