Bodge Reckons Blake Shelton Being Named Sexiest Man Alive Is A Big Deal For Blokes

"This was a win for men everywhere"

Bodge Reckons Blake Shelton Being Named Sexiest Man Alive Is A Big Deal For Blokes

Country music singer Blake Shelton has been named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive.

Lemme tell you why this is massive news for all fellas out there. Not only is Blake considered a top bloke, but he's also not the conventional choice for this kind of mantle. Which is incredibly fortunate for millions of guys out there, sporting the same frame as Blake, the 'Dad-bod'. He also used to rock the mullet look, but has thankfully chopped off the locks.

As a guy with a bit of an average build, it was important to see the title go to someone whose character is as strong as Blake's. He's well known for being a down to earth, genuine and funny bloke. As someone that struggles a little bit with the way i view my own body, this was a pretty decent move by a magazine, that usually would give this title to a more muscular and chisel-jawed man. The fact that it was a man that more accurately represents the male build, is a really positive step.

Blake was pretty chuffed with the news, too.


This isn't to knock guys like Chris Hemsworth or 'The Rock', who work hard on their physiques. It's a case of, as a consumer, you look at images put to you in the context of "sexiest man alive" and feel a little inadequate or feel as though there's an impractical benchmark to reach. It's the same for women, and on a much larger scale. It's not healthy.

The past winners:

2010 - Ryan Reynolds

2011 - Bradley Cooper

2012 - Channing Tatum

2013 - Adam Levine

2014 - Chris Hemsworth

2015 - David Beckham

2016 - Dwayne Johnson

Now you can add Blakey boy to the list!


Not everyone was happy with the result, however. Twitter, as always, was full of people sharing their views on the matter:


Okay... So that last one was actually quite funny. Lucky you can always count on good bloke and former 'Sexiest Man Alive' title holder, Hugh Jackman, to have your back.



Notable mention goes to this guy. If anyone else should have won it, it's Jeff.



At the end of the day, a guy who wasn't super ripped has been named the sexiest man alive. Sure, Jason Momoa looked ripped coming out of the water in that promo shot, but surely there's more to being sexy than that, ladies.

Need more proof of what a good bloke Blake is? Here.



Blake Shelton. 2017 people Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive. 

Good choice.