About the show

When asked to write a bit about myself, I fairly assumed it would be used as part of an acceptance speech for an award someone was accepting on my behalf. I was humbled. I’ve since found out this isn’t the case; I’m furious and will keep this brief. I was born and raised in South West Sydney, the greatest of earth’s regions, and still reside there. I live and breathe music. My tastes run the gamut, from bands you know and love like Fleetwood Mac and The Doors to bands you’ve never heard of like DIIV and Bonobo, in a futile attempt to stay in touch with today’s youth. I love my footy and I’m a massive Penrith Panthers fan. I still have to pinch myself that I walk the same halls as Girds and MG. Don’t worry, I play it pretty cool (I don’t). Tune into my show from 9am-midday weekdays. You’ll laugh, learn and to a lesser extent, eat, pray and love.