Kymba's Heartfelt Plea For Help

Supporting MPAN

Video Source: The Unmissables Launch Video

Last week was National Missing Persons Week, a week where as much awareness is raised as possible around the plight of Missing Persons in society, and the toll it takes on the families and friends of these missing people.

Kymba feels very strongly about the cause and how it impacts people. Her best friend Kate's family was impacted severely when their son, brother, and friend, Dan, went missing in 2011.

The O'Keeffe Family banded together and formed the Dan Come Home campaign, a nationwide push to find Dan and bring him back home.

Tragically, Dan was found deceased in 2016, devastating thousands who had followed the O’Keeffe’s journey. From that tragic event, Dan's sister Loren founded MPAN - the Missing Persons Advocacy Network. MPAN is an invaluable foundation that provides help and support to families and friends of missing people.

Kymba's video above is a plea to anyone and everyone in #Perth to donate wall space, for a fantastic new iniative called The Unmissables.

No words... just watch this.



If you have some wall space you would like to possibly donate, please visit The Unmissables website.


Written by: @dantheinternut

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