Another Australian Champion In The SW

The Champ Is Here!

Another Australian Champion In The SW

We have another Australian champion from the South West of WA and it's someone to keep onside.

From Busselton, Kylie Hutt won the ANBF Australian Championship Welter Weight title, beating Sarah Dwyer in 8 rounds.

Kylie started the sweet science just over 2 years ago after dabbling in MMA and other martial arts and it's now in boxing she has a big future.

Formerly under the watchful eye of the late Peter Stokes, Kylie was guided after Pete's passing a few months ago by trainers John Hinsey and Crandon Keddie at Denning Boxing Gym, also the home of Nathaniel "Cheeky" May and Alex Sweethandz Hanan.

I asked what inspires her and there was a long pause after which she said "boxing can be like a chess game, you always have new moves to learn and another opponent to work out"

She says most people don't understand the immense discipline needed with training and diet to reach such heights and the will power to keep going "when everything hurts"

A Mum of 3 who all support her and now want to learn the sport too, Kylie is also supported by partner Brad who has been on hand through the tough training camp for her 6th pro fight and is ready for the next step.

That may involve changing weight divisions to take on bigger fighters, and hopefully some sponsorship.

I temper my next point by saying I know it's awfully sexist to think that women are boxing, does she get that much?

"Oh yeah, I get that a lot. People should know the confidence it can give you and how empowering it is for women to train"

I guarantee you will be hearing a lot more from Kylie Hutt.