Can be Shot At, But Not in The Senate

Where Will It End?

Can be Shot At, But Not in The Senate

I'm no great fan of the Honorable Senator from Tasmania, however this issue of dual citizenship crisis which has cost Ms Lambie a Senate seat has become farcical.

I listened this morning as now ex Senator Lambie fought through tears as she resigned her position, after falling foul of Section 44 of the Australian Constitution.

Apparently she is Australian/Scottish, therefore, it's on your way lassie.

"Apart from wearing an army uniform for my country, this has been the greatest honor of my life"

How ridiculous is this latest situation, Jacqui Lambie served, in various capacities, in the Aust Army since 1989. So it's OK for her to wear the uniform but not help pass laws in the Senate?

Despite moves being made now to halt the crisis the entire event has been destabilizing and has lowered the electorate's respect for the institution.

And it's NUTS!

There are so many redundant laws that remain on the statute books, for example "Our Criminal Code (WA) prohibits the removal of bird or bat droppings, known as guano, without a licence."

See what I mean?

It appears to be a fitting analogy for the whole sorry mess.