Can Someone Explain This To Me Please?

And Probably Every Other Bloke Watching

Can Someone Explain This To Me Please?

What a great old world we live in, full of double standards and hypocrisy.

I'd like an explanation regarding the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics on Friday night.

From the get go I should say I have not watched much of the telecast but I will, however I love the spectacle of a parade, no not you Mr Trump, and the magic of BIG show.

The drones were amazing and the fireworks were astounding.

It seems though that for some members of the "fairer sex" the highlight was Tongan athlete Pita Taufatofua braving the 28 degree night sans shirt.

Admittedly if I had a body like that I'd be walking around anywhere they'd let me show it off, sadly not many ask these days.

What I fail to understand is why it is OK for women to openly ogle this bloke AND make comments about him.

I've read from female writers that he is "swoon worthy" and "quite a sight"

Earlier today a woman on a cable news network show was fanning herself as she gushed about his rippling muscles.

Now put the ski on the other foot.

Some of the female athletes are indeed in fine form but if a bloke dared make a similar comment the sky would fall.

Or am I being a bit sensative?