Make 2017 The Year To Help Save A Life

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Make 2017 The Year To Help Save A Life

I had a letter from the Health Dept today and attached was a form to sign up as an organ donor. I already am but sadly far too many people are not.

To help you on your way to saving lives here is the link you need to start.

Take a look, think about it and know that even if your loved ones will miss you terribly, you will bring joy, and continued life to many others after you're gone.

The other thing you must do though is have the conversation with your family about your wishes, because they have to know what you want before you leave us.

A mate of mine recieved a kidney and pancreas transplant a few years ago and despite having to undergo ongoing medication he's had the chance to spend more time with his kids that otherwise would not have been possible.

The link is here so please think about it and make 2017 the year to maybe save lives.