Mum Said Don't Talk About Politics Or Religion

I've Already Done Politics, So

Mum Said Don't Talk About Politics Or Religion

Yep, that's what Mum says, however the release of details from the 2016 census gives me pause, and all of us a few things to think about.

I am pointing to my personal views here so before I continue please let me say I am not denegrating anybody's faith or religion, that is an individual matter, I'm simply acknowledging the evidence from the data.

I'm not about offending anybody, so if you think that might be you go and make a cuppa and move along.


I don't do religion, I used to and if I needed a label now it would be agnostic. Light.

The release of the census figures show a marked rise in the number of people reporting "No religion" 22.6% to 29.6% and this number has now overtaken those marking "Catholic", down from 25.3% to 22.6%

Why has this happened, who knows, it's not for me to say.

My point, and it's a question being asked by the Athiest Foundation of Australia, is, why does this diminishing group still hold so much power in this country?

From an article today from News Corp :

"AFA president Kylie Sturgess said political, business and cultural leaders needed to listen to the non-religious when it came to public policy that’s based on evidence, not religious beliefs.

“This includes policy on abortion, marriage equality, voluntary euthanasia, religious education in state schools and anything else where religious beliefs hold undue influence,” she said.

She said certain religious groups seemed to get automatic consideration in the public policy sphere and to enjoy a privileged position that wasn’t afforded to other large groups, such as the non-religious."

I would ask, given the evidence, how could you have a valid contrary arguement?

Many times have we seen religion dominate public policy, both here and overseas. Too many times, and it's about time it stopped.