Enough To Make Your Blood Boil

Will WA Follow Switzerland?

Enough To Make Your Blood Boil

How do you feel about this, WA might follow Switzerland and one or two other places that want to ban putting live crayfish and perhaps other shellfish straight into boiling water to cook them.

How do I feel about it?

My first thought was about the yummy crayfish salads we had at Xmas time, divine prawn sangas at any time of the year and crabs taken from their hidy hole to my belly.

Second thought was, ummmmmmm, maybe they have a point.

I'm told it's far more humane to let them sit in an ice slurry for a while to put them ni nighs before they get turned into dinner, seems like a decent thing to do.

For the life of me I can't recall if I've ever chucked the crays straight in, could I do it now, I really doubt it.

That's not going to turn my vegi, I couldn't slit the thoat of a shheepy bah lamb either but give me roast lamb anyday of the week!

Two other points to consider: I read one scientific opinion that crays etc have a very basic nervous system that does not allow them to actually feel pain.

How would that conversation go?

"Here Spike, does this hurt? No, well in we go then. Yes, into the freezer for you sunbeam!"

The other aspect of the arguement is, how are you going to police this?

Is the RSPCA going to have inspectors travelling around town to peer into kitchens to see if anyone has a pot on?

I've just finished a tuna and rice salad for lunch, did anyone ask that particular tuna how it felt? Or the rice?

Maybe the food police are simply appealling to all of us to at least consider it.