Events That Shaped Us In Western Australia

And A Few Of My Suggestions

Events That Shaped Us In Western Australia
The Australian National Uni has put together a list of events after 2000 people were surveyed about major events in our history that helped form our country, and with it some relating to Western Australia, on the right. Take a look.
Top 10 most  significant historic events in living memory

1 Same-sex marriage September 11
2 September 11 Same-sex marriage
3 The Apology America's Cup win
4 Port Arthur Massacre Port Arthur Massacre
5 2000 Sydney Olympics The Dismissal
6 The Dismissal Bali bombings
7 Vietnam War Global Financial Crisis
8 Moon landing Vietnam War
9 The internet Gun law reform
10 America's Cup win 2000 Sydney Olympics
10 Global financial crisis The internet
10 First female PM Mabo decision

I have had a look through the history files and I reckon these were pretty important to us in The West as well:

1829 Charles Fremantle lands near mouth of the Swan River and claims the land for Britain. (May 2)

Perth is founded (August 12th.)

1830 First liquor licenses issued (Jan 1). (First official hangovers Jan 2).
First marriage in the colony (James Knight and May A Smith on Jan 18).
Experimental farm established at York (Feb 14.)
Settlement at Augusta started by Turner, Molloy and Bussell party. (May)

1836 First brewery established.

1841 Eyre arrives in Albany after travelling overland from Adelaide and making the first east-west crossing of Australia.
Causeway and bridge first spans the Swan River.

1846 Coal is discovered.

1870 Representative Government established. New constitution adopted.
1892 Married women gain the right to own property in their own right.
Construction of Fremantle harbour begins.Coolgardie Goldfield discovered.

1893 Paddy Hannan finds gold at Kalgoorlie.
Electricity becomes available in Perth city.

1903 Goldfields water scheme is opened.

1935 Flying Doctor service starts in W.A.

1970 Standard gauge railway finally goes all the way to Sydney

1983 Australia II wins the America's Cup.

Any others you'd like to put forward?