Goodbye England's Rose

It was 20 Years Ago Today

Goodbye England's Rose

In our lifetime there have been several events that stopped the world, 9/11, the death of John Lennon, nobody will ever forget Hurricane Harvey, and today we are remembering the passing of Princess Diana.

Gone too soon.

Where were you, what were you doing, who told you the news, how did you react?

I remember waking up to the early radio news and hearing Diana and Dodi had been involved in an accident and were critical.

Later in the day I was digging a hole for a soak well when our neighbour popped his head over the fence asking if we'd heard the news Diana had died.

We said,"no she's just injured" Then he said "a news flash just came over that she's died"

It was one of those punch in the belly moments, the last time I'd had the "oh no that can't happen" reaction was when Elvis died, 20 years previous.

The memories will be coming back today, and I'd like to hear yours.

The sea of flowers, the vision of those 2 young men with their Dad stopping to read some of the cards and the tears all around the world.

What's your memory?