GTM Is On So Here They Come Again

Pull Your Head In And Go Away

GTM Is On So Here They Come Again

I can't help wondering if the people who will yell and scream again with Groovin' The Moo at Hay Park in Bunbury this weekend tick off days on their calendar like a countdown to Christmas so they can once again whine about the event.

The Irrelevanati appear to be given too much focus and unbelievably, too much power instead of being told to ST*U

This morning a Brisbane Council dug up a handball court for kids because someone complained, a bloke in Perth appears to be on the verge of getting the beer garden at The Raffles Hotel shut down because he doesn't like the music and I believe one of the reasons Claremont Speedway closed was because of the noise. Who was there first?

And yes, I guarantee there will be complaints about GTM.

I feel I have skin in this game as my place is very near to Hay Park and I was there before GTM started and if the wind blows the right way they could be playing in my front yard!

Not all of it is my music, I don't even know most of the artists and it IS loud, however I just consider the hundreds, maybe thousands of people who will be visiting our town and pouring money into our economy.

What will I do?

A couple of things, firstly, like plenty of others I'll wander down to Robertson Drive roundabout and watch over the fence for a while, secondly, go home and put up with whatever is on until it wraps up at 11.

One day and one night a year and like the concerts at Vat 2 in Bunbury which are held twice a year, there will be whingers.

To those whingers, I strongly suggest you do the same as I will.

If not, as I said earlier, ST*U.