Have You Had Your Say Yet?

Do It !

Have You Had Your Say Yet?

In a few weeks the gate will be locked and the votes will be counted for local govt elections and local councils will be in place.

These people are responsible not only roads and rubbish but so many other aspects of our towns' day to day living.

It is therefore VITALLY important that you have your say about who will sit around the table.

So far the figures of returns are a long way from encouraging;

Bunbury 19.48%

Busselton 17%

Collie 18.7%

Manjimup 48%

Harvey 18.6%

Donnybrook/Balingup 0.92%

If you feel you need to contact the people running and have a chat to them about their platform and then make your voice heard. 

Of course voting is not compulsory but know this, if you don't have your say, anytime you whinge about an issue or send a letter to the paper, you are totally and utterly irrelevant.