Here's Another Mini Feature For The SW

Let's Put Some Sole Into It

Here's Another Mini Feature For The SW

What do you think about this, I think it could have some legs, or at least, feet.

I recall Bunbury had a bra fence a while ago in support of breast cancer research and I'm pretty sure there was a thong and shoe tree in Albany in Indiana, we had plenty of love locks on the art work on Bunbury Inlet until it was damaged so maybe the time is right for something new.

Does it have to represent anything in particular? Probably not, like all art, it just IS.

Where could we put it? Dunno yet, what do you think?

Tourists from all over the world could leave a little momento of their visit to the South West and everybody could see where visitors have come from.

So, let us know and tell the council if you think we could do it.