If You Don't Vote, Don't Whinge. Ever.

Make Your Voice Heard

If You Don't Vote, Don't Whinge. Ever.

If you ever want to see me about to explode tell me you didn't vote.

Unless you're about to give birth, been involved in some calamitous accident or ummmmm, dead, this Saturday is the day to have your say.

I found it astounding that some people take this privilege for granted, do you not realize people have spiled blood for your right to vote?

Recently I had a chat to a buddy of mine in Bunbury who served in the navy during WW2, I've known guys, slightly older than me, who served in the Korean War and have had a bit to do with Vietnam Vets, and each one of them went through horrible situations to fight for our right to this way of life and ultimately to be able to go to the ballot box and say how we want the place run.

Our Federal Member Nola Marino has recounted to me stories of being an observer during Cambodian elections when people with tears in their eyes showed the ink on their finger that signified they had voted.

There was a little uprising called The Arab Spring in 2011 where, again, people laid down their lives in an effort to forward democracy. The ultimate outcome of that is still not fully realized, however, people want their say. There are far too many historical events to further demonstrate the point.

And yet in this state, this country I have heard complaints of "do we HAVE to vote again?"

I said after one such discussion "give me a third of your money each week then" Why? "Well you obviously don't give a flying about how it's spent"

And there are 2 more instances where nice guy Cliff turned into near raving looney Cliff when I was told, "I only went in to get my name ticked off and avoid a fine."

My answer on both occasions was the same, "do NOT EVER let me hear you complain about anything that happens in the state or the country!"

I do not care who you vote for whether it be conservative, communist or Christian Party, if you have thought about it and made a decision then good for you.

There is no excuse for ignorance and laziness, especially now.

And by the way, if you can't be bothered voting, I'll put you in touch with my navy mate and you can tell him why. He may be nearly 90 but I'd back him over you any day.