It's Just Not Cricket

Since When Do We Need To Cheat?

It's Just Not Cricket

Nothing I write here will make a scrap of difference to the mess Australian Cricket finds itself in today, I just want to write it down for me first and you second.

I remember a time when I could name all the Aussie cricket test team and while I can't anymore I still follow the game and love to know what's going on.

There has always been a sense of rat baggery about our test team, from the legendary tales of Dougie Walters, Boonie, Lillee and Marsh through to Warney and Warner.

Sadly they have taken a big fall in recent times. The debacle of a near strike over even more money prior to the ASHES series, a near punch on in South Africa a few weeks ago and now the ultimate, our test cricketers have been caught CHEATING.

The world of course will not stop spinning over this but it may be knocked off it's axis for a while.

Cheating, since when did that even become a consideration?

Lance Armstrong cheated, Ben Johnson cheated, there have been other incidents of ball tampering but that's them, not us.

We don't cheat, you get beaten, fine, but never resort to cheating.

Mark my words, no matter what punishment is handed down to these guys it will be nothing compared to the years, probably decades of taunts that will be pointed at Smith and Co the same as Trevor and Greg Chappell after 1981.

As I said yesterday to a mate who is a far bigger cricket follower than I am, it's a good thing Richie and The Don are not here.