I've Had An Epiphany

You Can Do It Too!

I've Had An Epiphany

What a miraculous morning I've had!

This very day I have discovered something that I hope will become a movement, it's a very big call, however my belief is that together we can make it happen.

Let me give you some background and a little history before I get into details.

The internet has been a major part of our daily lives for years and despite trying to wean myself off this devil's device it has me by the whatevers, morning, noon and night.

At work I need to use it for research and my artwork is online too.

Admittedly I have been guilty of my as yet unmade point, however today the realisation has struck me.

While scrolling through social media this morning I came across some things that made my blood boil and you know what I did?

I kept on scrolling, just moved along, no comments,a few likes and no lengthy essays with the implication that anything that annoyed me absolutely NEEDED my opinion.

An epiphony, what a concept!

Give it a try, it's pretty cool, you can see something that "offends" you and simply keep going with your day.

Of course if there is a point you'd like to make, fine, but be sure it's about something you really, genuinely do care about.

Don't jump on anything simply to sate your relevance deprivation.

Today and for each day ahead give this exercise a shot and see how much better you feel.