Meet Some More Local SW Heroes

More Than 300 Lives Saved

Meet Some More Local SW Heroes

You know that saying that says 'not all heroes wear capes" well I have more people to add to the list.

Yesterday I had a chat to Deanna Coleman from Bunbury who was getting ready to give her 89th blood donation at Bunbury Blood Bank.

Deanna has been opening the veins since July of 1970 when, once a year the Red Cross Blood Service would venture to Carnamah, set up 12 beds in the local hall and call on everyone to lend a hand. Or an arm.

At around 6PM someone would even go to the local pub and round up the blokes who had not answered the initial call.

Deanna and her family moved to the SW, firstly Busselton then Bunbury about 12 years ago and has been donating ever since.

But wait, there's more.

Deanna's daughter Carolyn and now her grandson, Brendan are helping the cause as well.

Sadly due to age restrictions Deanna won't be able to make her 100th donation, donors can only give until the age of 81 and despite going 4 times a year time is the problem.

Asked why she continues the answer is swift and simple "it's the right thing to do"

Approaching Easter the Blood Bank is looking for current and new donors to get through one of the busiest times of the year.

Call 131495 if you have a spare pint.