Nathaniel Cheeky May. What A Champion

Bound For Much Bigger Things

Nathaniel Cheeky May. What A Champion

Last night in Brisbane was big for Jeff Horn and a HUGE night for Bunbury boxer Nathaniel Cheeky May.

Already ranked in the top 10 in the world, after a 5th round, brutal, TKO over the highly recognised Brazilian featherweight Aelio Mesquita, the boxing world is buzzing about the local Western Australian champ.

I watched Cheeky many times over the last few months as he prepared for the battle and to say he worked hard, really hard with coach Peter Stokes does him no justice.

And last night it paid off.

"The plan was to break him down and power up. So as soon as we started to break his body he started making mistakes. That's where we capitalise on the body hard. And some heavy shots. We started landing harder shots in the 3rd round. Then put him down twice in the 4th. then finished him in the 5th.

There was talk last night that Aelio's ribs were busted in the 4th, from there, game over.

Now it's onto the really big time.

This will put him on track for a world title bout, and a chance to head to the United States to fight for Top Rank, one of the biggest boxing promotion companies in the world.

For boxing in Bunbury, Western Australia and the whole country we have a worthy champion and a magnificent ambassador.