Are You Bringing It On Yourself?

Don't Be A part Of It

Are You Bringing It On Yourself?


Once again I’m heading into ironic territory, but here goes.

Yes, I’m talking about her too.

Over the weekend and again today the media is copping it big time for the way over the top coverage of the return to Australia of a convicted drug smuggler, I don’t need to say the name, you well know who it is.

The response from the Indo police seemed a tad excessive for that matter too, did they really need such a huge procession of armoured vehicles? What was she going to do, make a run for it?

It happened though and TV screens, newspaper columns, radio and social media went into melt down as the moment of departure approached.


I’ll tell you why, it is nothing more than the cult of celebrity.

She didn’t ask to be (in)famous however in a world that is continually enthralled with the likes of the Kardashians and supposed reality TV stars, what do you expect?

And now the moaning about excess coverage rages on.

How much of it did I watch? ZERO. That’s the choice I made.

A mate of mine was on his twitter account for several hours asking why there was so much attention paid to one woman, I think the irony of the situation may have been lost on him along the way!

So to those who are still asking why the story is continuing I have a piece of advice, don’t buy into it.

Don’t watch ANY of the stories, don’t read the magazine stories or newspaper articles, don’t go on social media to comment one way or the other. Geez, don’t even finish reading this piece.

As long as the celebrity fascination hangs around, and face it, it ain’t going anywhere, we the media will give you what you want.

We may die a little bit inside at the lack of engagement in stories or news that actually matters but it’s the world we, the audience has created for ourselves.

Perhaps this will be a line in the sand. Yer, right.