NRA. No Responsibility Again

Will They Ever Learn?

NRA. No Responsibility Again

I flew most of the day on Monday and given that my phone ran out of charge and I was on planes for hours, I didn't know anything about the tragedy in Las Vegas until the 5 o'clock news when we left the airport.

My blood ran cold for a few minutes, for 2 people.

As you may know my only son lives in LA but plays shows all over the place, he's worked in Vegas several times so my first thought was for him, and his girlfriend who is also a muso.

The second person I thought of was a mate who lives and works in Las Vegas, and, who I found out later was at the Mandalay just a few hours earlier.

Sadly the cycle we've seen on too many occasions is repeating itself. Again.

Firstly, shock at the scale of the event, then as sure as night follows day we are getting thoughts and prayers, then the talk of why and how this happened and how can the supposed greatest country in the world not suffer such a tragedy again.

It will. Not the first time that's been said and I doubt it will be the last.

While the NRA, the National Rifle Association has the government of the day, especially the Republicans by the whatevers, nothing will change.

If the Sandy Hook Massacre, just think about that term for a minute here, did not bring about change, what hope is there?

And if you believe thoughts and prayers will help, you could now be considered just short of delusional.

I watched an interview this morning with Congressman Steve Scalise (R) who was shot several months ago and is now on the mend but even he, at this time, would not consider talks of greater gun control.

Steve Bannon is in the news saying if "Trump supports gun control it will be the end of everything"

I'm sorry pal, I think the end came a long time ago in this debate, now it's a mess that may never be cleaned up.

And of course, for all those people killed at a music concert, the end has come far too early.