Oh The Pain, Of The Truth

He Might Have A Point Though

Oh The Pain, Of The Truth

My old working pal Dougie was in Bunners yesterday so the obligatory coffee was had for a bit of a catch up. It was great to see him however he delivered a zinger when we started on the subject of the Logie nominations.

Even now after a period of solace I cannot believe Today Tonight has been passed over again, and this comment gave rise to Dougie labelling me a TV snob.

What an outrage, what a dreadful slight upon my person, I should be offended!

However, he's right, absolutely right on the money and these days I'm not afraid to adnit it.

I do not have enough time left in my rapidly ebbing life to watch a second of some of the popular crap dished up on TV.

Not any more.

Love Island Australia, Married at First Sight, Masterchef season 87, Back With The Ex, are you serious???

You want to watch that, fine, good luck to you just don't expect me to be able to join the conversation when it comes up.

What I do find a little worrying is that I'm considered a snob because I can't be bothered with an oxymoron like Seven news or the aforementioned slop.

If the fact my TV rarely gets turned off Sky News or CNN, or a raft of other Foxtel programs and add to that an increasing amount of shows on Netfix makes me some sort of hoity toity then please accept my apology now.

Sorry, nope, not sorry.

Each to their own I say and these days I'm not even offended that I don't get invites to Bachelor screens. Besides they can clash with Jerry Springer re runs!!!!!

By the way, Dougie says hi.