Promises Promises Promises

What's Yours?

Promises Promises Promises

Pardon my ongoing cynisism but I have to ask, is there an election coming up soon?

Just in the last few days we've been bombarded by early election promises about what will happen with this, how we're going to handle that and I don't know what else, and the money that's being thrown around (if X party is elected) is nothing short of jaw dropping.

And we've just started!

Who knows what will be coming before we actually vote.

It's had me wondering though, if I was the boss what would I promise? 

Firstly, you better hope that doesn't happen, as much as it affects my karma, there are some people I'd like to deny another sunrise! Too harsh?

OK, so what's first....

1. I promise to try and be a good person and do the right thing.

2. I promise to try and be more tolerant. This could be broken in the first 100 days.

3. I promise to look after my community where ever and whenever I can.

4. I promise to spend less time on my phone. Please see the proviso on pt 2.

5. I promise to put my smelly gym clothes straight in the washer and not on the floor. Hmmmmmmm, I can but try.

I basically have nothing on fiscal management and social agendas but I guess the longest journey starts with a single step.

Have a think about, what's your promise?