Protests Against Wearing Bike Helmets

I'm Sorry, I Just Don't Get It

Protests Against Wearing Bike Helmets

Have I missed something because I really think I might be (A) slow off the mark, (B) ignorant of some facts, (C) thick.

Over the weekend cyclists from across the country broke the law to cycle around the streets without wearing a bike helmet, a protest against laws which have been in for some time which make wearing bike helmets compulsory.

Here is an excerpt from The West Australian story on the issue; 

“Everyone agrees that we have healthier people and more liveable cities if we leave the car at home and use a bike instead,” Perth ride co-ordinator Russell Lindsay said. “But if you do this in Australia and don’t wear a crash helmet, you will be fined.

“In most countries, people are free to attend to everyday activities by bike, dressed in everyday clothing.

Freestyle Cyclists wants Australia to join the rest of the world and move beyond helmet fines.

“Internationally, bike helmet laws have been almost universally rejected.

“These laws prevent the uptake of cycling while offering no significant safety benefit."

I've been covering this issue for at least 25 years, I remember it raising it's ugly unprotected head when I first started at Radio West in 1993 and I'm the first to admit I have no evidence to support either side of the argument, however from the most basic physics studies I have completed I am of the opinion that if you fall of a bike you will hit the road, or something equally as hard and unforgiving.

So it will mess up your hair, so will a car.

I   just   don't   get   it.