Should We Raise The Age?

Anti Smoking Push For Our Kids

Should We Raise The Age?

There is another anti smoking push and it looks like WA will lead the charge to lift the nation’s legal age for smoking to 21.

Today the Cancer Council WA has launched a campaign to expose how US tobacco giants have finally been forced to confess the dangers of cigarettes, including how they intentionally made them more addictive.

WA Health Minister Mr Cook said changing the age limit for the sale of cigarettes would be debated at the next meeting of the nation’s health ministers.

Cancer Council WA education and research director Terry Slevin said all Australians would benefit from knowing what tobacco companies had been keeping from the public for decades.
Nobody should be smoking of course but is there not a potential problem here?
People are considered adult at 18 when they can drive, vote, be sent to war but not take a choice to smoke.
That will be for the pollies to figure out.